Survey Truck Organizer

Survey Truck Organizer:

These organizers are built to last decades, not years. They are built on welded steel frames with 18-gauge galvanized sheet metal riveted to the frames. They are very robust. Many of these organizers are now in their fourth survey trucks…that is a very low life cycle cost. They have hemmed safe edges on the sheet metal. Most of the lateral partitions are movable with 10-32 machine screws and nylon insert lock nuts, so you can re-arrange them to fit your needs. Or you can change them later when your needs change.

Both organizers are designed to be mounted close to the tail gate. This keeps the wood stakes captured when the tail gate is closed.

I do not make organizers for compact pickups. Compact pickups only have about 1500 pounds of payload capacity. That payload number must include the party chief, rod man, water jug, tools, instruments, supplies and everything else in the truck. Together with an organizer and bed cap a compact pickup would be way overloaded.

The organizers ship assembled and ready to install. I ship prepaid via Old Dominion Freight Line. This is with 81% discount and I don’t mark it up. Call or e-mail me with your destination zip code and I’ll get a freight quote. If you don’t have a forklift to unload the crate we can arrange for lift gate delivery. The organizers are usually in stock so we will mostly be talking about the transit time.

74″ Survey Truck Organizer
$1,695 FOB Tucson AZ
This organizer fits full-sized pickups with a nominal 6.5′ or 8′ bed. If you are not sure of your bed size, throw a measuring tape on the bed floor…you will need 74″ between the tail gate and headboard for this organizer. The weight is about 230 pounds. A benefit of this organizer is that it will stow your tripods at instrument height, saving you the time and hassle of collapsing them. Additional tripods can be stowed in the lower side bays.

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64″ Survey Truck Organizer
$1,595 FOB Tucson AZ
This organizer fits in any full-sized pickup, including SuperCrews and the like. The weight is about 220 pounds. Tri-Max tripods will fit in the two lower center bays; you’ll have to partially (but not fully) collapse them. Additional tripods will fit in the lower side bays.

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Frame Welding: 

The frame is MIG welded with ¾” x ¾” square tubing at Anewco Products in Tucson, AZ.

Steel Frame:  This a welded frame, just before it was sent off to the powder coating shop.

2500 Pound Capacity:  Ten Anewco employees are standing on this organizer.  Together they total about 2,500 pounds of weight.  Don’t try this with a Silver Shield organizer; you’ll crush it.

Ships Ready to Install:  This is how one organizer ships.  Two will ship together on a standard 40” x 48” skid.  All you’ll need to do is to uncrate it, put it in the truck, drill two holes in the bed floor and secure it with the bolts provided.  If you do not have a forklift available to unload at your destination, we can arrange for lift gate service with the trucking company for $70.