This organizer is built to last decades, not years. It is built on a welded steel frame with 18-gauge galvanized sheet metal riveted to a welded steel frame. The sheet metal has hemmed safe edges. It is installed close to the tailgate, so the wood stakes are captured when the tailgate is closed. This photo is of a long bed truck; there is about 22-inches of open space in the front of the bed for traffic cones, etc. It ships assembled and ready to install. The list price is $1,695 FOB Tucson, AZ. Call or email us for a freight quote.

Don’t worry about parts for your Electric Series HercuLoc. We will support it for many years to come.




As many of you know, I re-invented the HercuLoc into a much simpler and lighter product:

  • Weight is 180-200 pounds, about half that of the old HercuLoc.
  • Easy opening and closing with gas and torsion springs.
  • Still the highest security of any truck cap.
  • Drive 75 MPH with the cover raised.
  • Honeycomb fiberglass top with gel coated exterior (like a boat).
  • Lift assembly is zinc plated (no rust or paint headaches).
  • Tolerates bed flexing that destroys other truck caps.
  • Shade at the job site meets Cal-OSHA 3395.

The customer acceptance of the re-invented HercuLoc was excellent. However, HercuLoc, LLC of Glendale AZ went out of business. The BrandFX Body Company of Fort Worth, TX is now the exclusive licensee of the patents and now makes the product as the BFX EasyLift. Read more about the BFX EasyLift by downloading The flyer.

Gary Thacker
Thacker, LLC